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Name: Andrea Benedetti, PhD


Position: Co-Principal Investigator of DEPRESSD; Associate Professor at McGill University


Dr. Benedetti is a CIHR-funded biostatistician, and an author on more than 200 peer-reviewed publications (see:  She is an Associate Professor, jointly appointed in the departments of Medicine and Epidemiology, Biostatistics & Occupational Health at McGill University. Dr. Benedetti is interested in statistical challenges related to individual patient data meta-analysis. Dr. Benedetti is a principal investigator on the DEPRESSD project. She is also the lead statistician for the Collaborative Group for Meta-Analysis of Individual Patient Data in Multiple Drug Resistant Tuberculosis. This group has collected data from across the globe and used it to provide evidence based information on best treatment practices in MDR-TB. Dr. Benedetti is supported by a Chercheur Boursier award from the FRQS.

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