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NameAngeliki A. Leonardou


Institution: 1st Psychiatric Unit, University of Athens


Angeliki A. Leonardou is a psychiatrist who has worked as an honorary researcher in the Perinatal Department of the Institute of Psychiatry, London and has had her Doctorate Thesis in the field of Perinatal Psychiatry. She works as a psychiatrist and psychotherapist in the private sector, and as a collaborator in the First University Psychiatric Clinic of Athens giving lectures to young colleagues on topics mainly regarding the Perinatal Field. She is Secretary of the Subsection for Women's Mental Health of the Greek Psychiatric Association. She is Secretary to the Greek Association of Women's Mental Health, having a major contribution to its foundation. She belongs to the Greek Association of Psychoanalysis and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, and has also completed her training as a Family Therapist as well as in the Interpersonal Psychotherapy.

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