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Name: Anthony W. McGuire

Degree(s)PhD, NP

Institution: St. Joseph's College of Maine


Anthony McGuire is a Professor of Nursing and Chair of the Nursing Department at St. Joseph's College of Maine.  He is a Board Certified Acute Care Nurse Practitioner and a Fellow in the American Heart Association.  Depression and depression screening in patients with heart disease are the focus of his research interests.  Validation of the PHQ depression screening tool in acute coronary syndrome patients was his dissertation focus while earning his PhD at UCLA.  The data set from that work is part of the DEPRESSD project.  See the following two publications:   1. McGuire, et. al. (2013). Depression Screening: Utility of the PHQ-2 when used by Nurses in Patients Hospitalized for ACS.  American Journal of Critical Care 22(1),12-19.    2. McGuire, et. al. (2014). Depressed or Not Depressed: Untangling the Somatic Symptom Conundrum in Hospitalized CHD Patients. American Journal of Critical Care 23 (2), 106-115. 

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