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Name: Barbara Figueiredo


Institution: School of Psychology. University of Minho. Portugal


Barbara Figueiredo is Professor at the University of Minho School of Psychology (Portugal), where she coordinates the Family and Human Development Research Group of the Psychology Research Centre (CiPsi) and the Babies and Young Children Unit of the Psychology Association (APSI). She is Invited Professor at the University of Valencia (Spain), Associate Editor of the Infant Behavior and Development (Elsevier), Expert Evaluator of research proposals for international agencies, namely for the European Commission. She has authored 30 books/book chapters and more than 150 papers published in journals with peer-review and high impact factor. Within a developmental psychopathology framework, she has been studding biological and psychological processes associated with normative and non-normative developmental trajectories in the family context. Within a systemic family approach, she has been developing psychological intervention, namely in the field of perinatal mental health and divorce. 


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