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NameFriday Tungchama

Degree(s):MBBS, MSc.CAMH,, FWACP-Psych

Institution: University of Jos/ Jos University Teaching Hospital


Friday Philip Tungchama, is consultant psychiatrist and a child and adolescent mental health professional who is passionate researcher o children mental health, women with depression and their quality of life. He also keen in studies that involve people who had had traumatic life events such as the ethno-religious crisis that had once engulf Plateau State in Nigeria and for children who had faced trauma due to Boko Haram insurgence in the North-East of Nigeria..
He lecture at the Department of Psychiatry in the university of Jos, Nigeria and also serves as a honorary consultant to Jos University Teaching Hospital. He is also a visiting Consultant to a Maxwell Khobe military hospital.
Tungchama, is married to his beautiful and lovely wife Rahila Nevan Zaki and are blessed with two lovely and adorable boys, Khenji and Kamshinen. He resides in the beautiful city of Jos, a metropolitan town which is often described as a miniature Nigeria. 

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