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Name: Jon Stone

Degree(s)PhD, MB, ChB, FRCP

Institution: University of Edinburgh


Professor Jon Stone is an NHS Consultant Neurologist and Honorary Professor in Neurology in Edinburgh. He is an international leader in functional neurological disorder, also called psychogenic/dissociative/conversion disorder, and in the past, hysteria. Since 1999 he has published over 250 articles in the area including systematic reviews, large cohort and treatment studies. He led on new diagnostic criteria for functional neurological disorders in DSM-5 and ICD-11 and the development of professional organisations in the area. In 2009 he made the first website for patients with FND at promoting a new transparent approach to diagnosis and treatment for what has been a highly stigmatised condition. He has been awarded the Biemond Lectureship (2014), Royal College of Physicians (London) Jean Hunter Prize for Nervous Disorders (2014), Royal College of Physicians (Edinburgh) Clouston Medal (2017) and Royal College of Psychiatrist Presidents Medal (2017). 


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