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Name: Kumiko Muramatsu


Institution: The Graduate School of Niigata Seiryo University


Dr Kumiko Muramatsu is a Professor of Clinical Psychology in Niigata Seiryo University Graduate School, Japan. Since 1998, she has researched mental disorders, especially depression, anxiety, and somatic symptom disorder, as well as evaluating the validity of screening tools in Primary Care in Japan. In 2001, Dr Muramatsu and team translated the original PHQ from English into Japanese in collaboration with Spitzer, the developer of the PHQ, who then used back translation to confirm the accuracy of their work. Further reading on the Japanese version of the PHQ and/or PHQ-9 can be found in the following publications. 1) Muramatsu K et al. The Patient Health Questionnaire, Japanese version: validity according to the Mini-International Neuropsychiatric Interview-Plus. Psychological Reports 101:952-960, 2007 2) Muramatsu K et al. Performance of the Japanese Version of the Patient Health Questionnaire-9 (J-PHQ-9) for depression in primary care. General Hospital Psychiatry. 52:64-69, 2018 

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