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NameMiranda T. Schram

Degree(s): PhD,MSc

Institution: Maastricht University Medical Center, the Netherlands


Miranda Schram is a biomedical scientist/epidemiologist at Maastricht University Medical Center. She is one of the founders of The Maastricht Study, a novel population-based cohort study on type 2 diabetes and its complications. Her research focuses on the etiology and epidemiology of depression and cognitive decline in type 2 diabetes with a specific interest in the role of early vascular dysfunction. A second research line entails the psychosocial aspects of diabetes;  to understand how diabetes distress, social context, but also ethnicity can affect diabetes treatment and the development of complications. 
Miranda supervised multiple PhD students, has an H-index of 30 and published >100 peer-reviewd publications. She is board member of The Maastricht Study, coordinator of the Dutch Diabetes Pearlstring Initiative, active member of the PSAD study group of the EASD and involved in the Netherlands Consortium of Demetia Cohorts. 


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