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Name: Pim Cuijpers, PhD



Professor of Clinical Psychology at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

Head of the Department of Clinical, Neuro and Developmental Psychology


Pim Cuijpers is specialised in conducting randomised controlled trials and meta-analyses on prevention and psychological treatments of common mental disorders. Much of his work is aimed at prevention of mental disorders, psychological treatments of depression and anxiety disorders, and Internet-delivered treatments. Pim Cuijpers has published more than 850 peer-reviewed papers, chapters, reports and professional publications, including more than 650 papers in international peer-reviewed scientific journals. He is on the Thomson-Reuter Web of Science lists of the ‘highly cited researchers’ since the first edition of this list in 2014 ( and has an h-index of >90 (web of science). According to Expertscape, an organisation that ranks researchers by their expertise in biomedial topics, professor Cuijpers is the world’s number one top expert on depression (

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