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NameRuben V. Alvarado


Institution: Universidad de Chile


Psychiatrist, Master of Public Health, and PhD in Psychiatry and Community Care. He is a professor and researcher of the Mental Health Program, in the School of Public Health, of the Faculty of Medicine, of the University of Chile (Santiago, Metropolitan Region); as in the Institute of Health Sciences of the University of O'Higgins (Rancagua, VI Region). Its main areas of interest are: the epidemiology of mental health problems in specific populations (indigenous peoples, immigrants, incarcerated, etc.), the social determinants of mental health (especially the psychosocial conditions of work and social capital in the communities), and the development of innovations for mental health policies and services, as well as the study of the implementation processes of these changes. He is the author of more than 100 scientific publications and 16 book chapters. 

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