The Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS)  is a 14-item measure designed to assess anxiety and depression symptoms in medical patients, with emphasis on reducing the impact of physical illness on the total score. The depression items tend to focus on the anhedonic symptoms of depression. Items are rated on a 4-point severity scale. The HADS produces two scales, one for anxiety (HADS–A) and one for depression (HADS–D), differentiating the two states. Scores of greater than or equal to 11 on either scale indicate a definitive case.

Roberto Sanchez
Panagiotis P. Ferentinos
Terry Quinn
Louise Sharpe
Ioannis Michopoulos
Miguel Julião
Alastair J. Flint
Silje Endresen Reme
Sebastian Köhler
Federico M. Daray
Samir Al-Adawi
Ricard Navinés de la Cruz
Gregory Carter
Lesley Stafford
Sébastien Simard
Jon Stone
Jurate Peceliuniene
Michael C Sharpe
Dana K. Wong
Susanne Singer
Ahmet Öztürk
Gary Cheung
Vesile Senturk Cankorur
Istvan Tiringer
Serge Sultan
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The HADS dataset (Version 1) involves 103 data collaborators from 46 different countries. Now, it includes 102 studies with 22,600 participants.