The Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ) is a 9-question instrument given to patients in a primary care setting to screen for the presence and severity of depression. It is the 9-question depression scale from the Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ). The results of the PHQ-9 may be used to make a depression diagnosis according to DSM-IV criteria

Anthony W. McGuire
Brian J. Hall
Bruce Arroll
Christina Van der Feltz-Cornelis
Daniel Shuen Sheng FUNG
Felicity Goodyear-Smith
Flávia L.Osório
Hamid R Baradaran
Henk C van Weert
Kumiko Muramatsu
Marcos Hortes N. Chagas
Nathalie Jette
Paul A. Vöhringer
Tiago N Munhoz
Gregory Carter
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The PHQ dataset (Version 1) involves 92 data collaborators from 21 different countries. Now, it includes 58 studies with 17,357 participants.